Builder Education

We offer classes on product information, job-site preparation, and installation procedures, just to name a few.

Learn more about floors…
Our builder clients rely on us to be THE flooring experts. Of course, we have trained installers who get the job done – and done well. But our services extend beyond installation. In fact, we offer a five-part training program in which we teach your teams all aspects of flooring installation. Clients who’ve gone through the training have found that establishing a foundation of knowledge about flooring makes for a smoother, more efficient process.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Product information
  • Job-site preparation
  • Installation procedures and quality control
  • Tips on consumer care and maintenance

In each presentation, we incorporate charts, images, and graphics to help illustrate common problems, current trends, and frequently asked questions. Typically, each presentation is about 45 minutes long and attendees often include:

  • Management personnel
  • Sales staff
  • Design consultants
  • Field supervisors
  • Other relevant trade contractors

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