All about the species.

Hardwoods are very popular these days, and for good reason. Natural wood is warm, inviting, and unique in ways only Mother Nature can create. With all the wood species available, our design associates will help guide your clients to a selection that’s just right for them.

Once the species is chosen, our installation crews – all properly trained and qualified – get to work. Every crew has the proper tools for the job, as well as the appropriate high quality fastener for each wood species.

Our people must also know all the latest installation methods required by manufacturers. And if the boards are oak, we follow the NOFMA (National Oak Flooring Manufacturing Association) guidelines. For other species, we stick with NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) specifications.

And because all manufacturers recommend testing for moisture, which is extremely important in keeping up the quality of hardwoods, WCCV does this too.